Silver Dreams (Dromen van Zilver)

Two different centuries, two different people. Alasdair grew up around swords and castles. Mairi grew up around computers and airplanes. Two people that come together through an enchanted Scottish castle to a forgotten era. Out of her comfort zone Mairi finds herself thrown to the kindness of a stranger. Alasdair rather sees her go, but neither can change what has happend. Follow Mairi and Alasdair through their battle to each other and find out if love really conquers all!

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Lost In Time (Verloren in Tijd)

Can a simple necklace transport you back in time? It can with the necklace Cathy got from her grandmother. She travels back to Victorian London to become the mistress of Lord Rave. Soon she looses her heart to him, only to get dumped as soon as he had found a suitable hand in marriage. A hand not hers. One year later she returns. With a title and a fiance. Will Cathy need to go back to her time to forget about Rave or is the past enough this time? Follow the passionate affair between Cathy and Rave and discover if love can exist when it’s torn between two different centuries.

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Work in progress

How do you deal with things from the past? Will you ignore everything that’s happened to you? Or are you tormented by your memories? In this book you will meet Kate. She had her own troubles growing up. And just like every person has its own way of dealing with events from their childhood, so does Kate. She didn’t dealt with them. She just hid all of those memories away. Far away. Now as an adult she struggles to live her life. Without the memories taking over. She is living a double life; in her journals she is herself and lets the memories loose. However in real life she hides behind a mask, being the loving wife and mother everyone thinks she is.

This is just some small information about the book I am currently writing. The idea for it has been with me for a lot of years now. It is completely the opposite from my previous two books. This one is a lot more serious and a lot more personal.

It is hard to describe the type of story. It is modern fictional. Yet there are elements in there, that are based on my own life. To be more precise, they are based on my own childhood. This book will tackle how you, in your adult life, will deal with the fact that you grew up with an alcoholic parent. I hope it will bring people to tears and will make them smile. However, I do hope it will also raise peoples awareness about alcoholism. So, how would I describe the story? I would say it is a biography as well as a drama and fiction. I would call it a modern bificdra (fictional biography fictional drama).

Right now I am using the working title ‘Unknown’. Usually the title comes to me when I’m almost finished. But for now, ‘Unknown’ will do just fine.

I haven’t found a publisher for this book yet. So if you are one and interested, or if you know one, please contact me through this link.